The era of one-size fits all marketing is over
and we couldn't be happier.


"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."
-John Maynard Keynes

Around the turn of the 21st century, promotional products and branded giveaways had devolved into it’s most bleak. Cheap plastic water bottles, frayed drawstring bags, and flimsy sunglasses ruled the roost. Thus Pie Hole Marketing was born. We knew there must be a way to provide swag, merch and giveaways that people actually wanted to keep. Couldn’t we just as easily brand Turkish towels, drones, cold brew machines, and retail-level apparel? Turns out we could! We were able to disrupt the market by providing affordable and curated products that has revolutionized swag, giveaway and gifting for so many companies.

Our desire to put some of the fun, magic, and originality back into print and branding has been a dream come true and it has brought us to the table with Fortune 100 companies. We love our clients and are proud to count among them: Amazon, Tinder, AT&T, CLIF Bar & Company, Samsung, BMW, match.com and others!

For Pie Hole, being a business in and of the 21st century means building upon three major principles: people, planet and profit. We want our team to know they matter—this is accomplished by a safe working environment, competitive pay and benefits, and a robust time-off package. Our planet matters—our entire shipping operation is done carbon neutrally and we have a tree planted in North America for every $1,000 in revenue. Profit matters— we want to continue to provide career opportunities to our community and to be an ethical force for good in our market space and the way to do that is to continue to run a profitable business.

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