Give Back

Charity of the Month:

Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre

Since 1991 Red Eagle Soaring, or ‘RES’, serves Native youth ages 10-19 in the Seattle area, empowering them by building their self-confidence and self-expression through traditional and contemporary performing arts, keeping them critically connected to their cultural identity and fostering civic engagement, as well as personal, artistic and leadership development. RES also supports the continued artistic and professional development of its Alumni in a program called ‘YTT Urban Native Performing Artists’, supporting them as the next generation of Native Teaching Artists and community leaders. RES also offers a YTT Scholarship to RES Alumni going on to Higher Education.


RES continues to be a beacon for a new generation of upcoming Native artists, writers, directors, producers, musicians, videographers, visual media creators, and more, bringing Native stories and perspectives to the forefront of the public consciousness. RES supports youth access to the healing power of Native cultural traditions which promote social, physical, and intellectual engagement. In bringing together Native youth to learn about the technical aspects and process of theatre, they also build a community of people interested in learning about, sharing, promoting, and supporting Native arts and cultural life ways. 



Every month Pie Hole Marketing chooses a charity to become the recipient of a portion of its proceeds.



For every $1,000 in revenue, we’ll plant a tree in North America.

Your business makes a difference here. We don’t simply believe in growing businesses; we believe in giving back too. That’s why we highlight a different charity on our Pie Hole instagram each month, and designate them to receive a portion of the profits from every single job that month.

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