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When I was a kid I thought the saying, "Giddy Up", was "Kitty Up", as in be like a kitty cat standing up on it's hind legs. Anyway, here are our kits. Kitty Up.


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• New Hire Kits

• Holiday Gift Kits

• PR Kits

• Home Office Desk Kit

how kitting works


Choose Products

Select products for your kit by perusing our site or ask your rep for their recommendations.


Select Your Box

Select a standard or custom box to ship out your contents free of charge. Add-ons such as crinkle paper, branded tape, personalized notecards, and more are available.



Kits are then shipped to one location, or to as many individual locations as you would like using the most economical option (rushes are available.)



Any leftover items you produced for your kits can be warehoused at a Pie Hole warehouse free of charge, and sent to you or any location(s) you’d like, at any time.

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